How to get to Bath Campus and 1W 3.24

Bath railway station is called "Bath Spa".

Upon leaving the station head forwards up Manvers Street - the main bus station is on your left. The busses to the university are the numbers 18 and 418, and leave from the stop in front of "King's" kebab and pizza shop on Railway Street behind the Bus Station. (For a street map of Bath look here.)

The university campus is located at the top of a rather steep hill, and has just one main bus terminal which is impossible to miss. On the campus map it is the bus stop (denoted by the little red dots) right in the centre of the campus.

Upon leaving the bus follow the signs to "The Parade". After walking up a few steps you quickly arrive in the centre of the campus, with the library (number 1 on the campus map) on your right. The library is a distinctive modern glass building filled with computers. You are looking for 1W (1 West), which is on the right past the library (see the map).

When in 1W proceed up one flight of steps and follow the signs for 3.24.

If you intend to travel by car then detailed directions can be found here.

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